A small operating budget from the Town of Darien helps keep the lights on. Your generous donations enable us to upgrade our tools, outfit our trucks, and train our members. You don't have to join the DFD to support us. Your donation will help us purchase life-saving equipment and provide additional training for our firefighters. With your support we can be ready, and stay ready, for any call for help.

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Payable to Darien Fire Department, then mail to Attention: DFD President, 848 Post Road, Darien, CT 06820

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Last Year Your Support Enabled

Thanks to generous donors large and small we used every cent last year to advance our equipment, people, and mission.

Your donations allowed us to host even more comprehensive trainings. We began to make plans for a future station renovation, and evaluated our aging Chief's vehicle. A number of new members joined, requiring gear and equipment.

  • Worked with Fire Marshall's office to get key boxes installed on our commercial buildings for emergency after-hours access. Many have been upgraded to newer-style Bluetooth.
  • Put several new firefighters through training. They are now nationally-certified at a minimum to the level of Firefighter 1 with Hazmat/WMD.

Your Donations This Year

This year, with your help, we hope to further advance our capabilities, training, fleet of fire trucks, equipment, and upgrade our fire station. Our goals are not small, but neither is our mission. With your help, it is possible.

  • Add radios to trucks so all firefighters have communications on-scene.
  • Upgrade truck equipment as necessary.
  • Replace majority of lighting on apparatus floor with LED to reduce electricity costs.
  • Start process to replace apparatus heat units, switching from hot water to gas, to cut down on heating fuel costs.
  • Begin process of replacing Tanker 45. It is 24 years old and showing its age.
  • Radios for next truck.

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