848 Boston Post Road

Home to Darien's Finest

Our current location at 848 Boston Post Road was dedicated in 1964, following a gut renovation which more than doubled our preexisting space. Located in the heart of downtown Darien, centrally located to respond to alarms town-wide, the station also serves as a second home to our members. The house holds our five apparatus, boat, Chief's office, Alarm Room, training areas, and member parking.

The station features two gyms; lockers for fire fighters; equipment storage; and 4 double-length apparatus bays. Off the apparatus floor are bathrooms; locker room; showers; and a Chief's office, Alarm Room, and day room - all air-conditioned. The upstairs floor is fully temp-controlled with ample space to accommodate members who want to "work from home" from the station. It also features a large meeting area, fully-stocked chef's kitchen, a large lounge with TV and games, a conference room, a game area, and a second gym area where we hold bi-weekly boot camp workouts led by professional coaches.

Training at DFD

Tour our equipment and drill grounds.

Two live burn buildings

Car fires + oil fire pit

Crushed/burn cars

Gas leak, hazmat, rappelling

Station Amenities

  • Apparatus Bays
  • Alarm Room
  • Air-conditioned Day Room
  • Chief's Office
  • Two Gyms
  • Work from Station
  • Training Space
  • Professional Kitchen
  • Showers
  • Lounge

Fire Fighters

Our fire fighters call the station a second home. They come and go as they please with digital access keys, using the ample parking, computers, high-speed internet, and every amenity they like to work full-time and volunteer.

Meet the Staff


Keeping our five apparatus, boat, and three Rapid Response Vehicles prepared for alarms around the clock is no easy task. We perform truck checks, maintenance, wash, and re-stock the trucks right here in-station.

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We regularly hold classroom and hands-on trainings in-station, when we're at the Town's drill tower Monday evenings. From guest instructors and Chiefs from other departments, to bi-weekly boot camp workouts, we offer every opportunity to advice your career.

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Station History

Darien's First Fire Station

Our current station, located at 848 Boston Post Road, is our third and largest location in our history. It serves as a second home to our members, with ample space for our apparatus, equipment, fire fighting gear, training area, gym, lockers, showers, lounge, Chief's Office, Alarm Room, large meeting area, and kitchen.


DFD Founded

The Darien Fire Company was organized July 31, 1895 by 26 Darien men. The original firehouse "the size of a two-car garage" was located at what is today the southeast corner of Center Street and the Boston Post Road.


Second Firehouse

The department moved to its second - a newer and larger - firehouse. It also acquired a brand new hand pulled fire truck at a cost of $435.


Move to Third Firehouse

The department moved to its third firehouse and current location, at 848 Boston Post Road, across from the intersection with Mansfield Avenue.


Dedication of Current Firehouse

Construction was completed at the current building, following a gut-renovation and new addition that more than doubled the size of the firehouse. The added room to hold six firetrucks from the earlier three trucks allowed the department to purchase a new Mack pumper.