Rescue 44

Rescue 44 is a 2004 Saulsbury/Spartan Gladiator Heavy Rescue. The apparatus is crewed by six fire fighters with seating for an additonal four. Inside the cab are headsets at each seating position; irons, MVA toolkits, lockout toolkits, surgical gloves, and portable lights. The rear box includes a full Incident-Command center with weather station, phones, fax, and radios; a heating/cooling rehab area with fridge and microwave; extra chargers for portable radios, saws, and fans.

Truck Details

The truck includes extensive Heavy Rescue equipment, including Hurst "Jaws of Life" hydraulic tools, struts for stabilization and lifting, Res-Q-Jacks, winches, cribbing, and air bags for lifting as much as a train car - with millimeter precision. The apparatus also carries extensive equipment for medical emergencies, hazmat, mass casualty, structural collapse, cold water and swift water rescues.

The Rescue carries a full tool chest; spare air cylinders; a full complement of Milwaukee drills, saws, cutters, and grinders; Stihl chainsaws and K12 Rescue saws with specialty blades for cutting roofs, steel, and concrete; backboard; stokes basket; 200+ ft of lifesaving and utility ropes; a variety of chains; come-along; winch; cables; and two 1,000lb Bauer 509 SCF breathing air cylinders each feeding into (a) cascade air-cylinder refill system, (b) plasma torch, and (c) air chisel.

  • Chainsaws
  • Lifting/Stabilization Struts
  • Air Bags
  • Plasma torch
  • Drills and Saws
  • Cribbing
  • Command Center
  • Victim Rehab
  • Two 1,000lb Bauer 509 SCF Air Tanks
  • Structural Collapse Equip.
  • Winches/Cables/Chains
  • Hurst "Jaws of Life"

Officer In-Charge

Oversees the apparatus, all equipment, and each fire fighter in the company.


Dan Hickman

Lieutenant Meet Our Officers


Each apparatus is custom-built to our demanding specifications, outfitted with the latest technology and tools, and tailored to the wide range of alarms we handle.