Engine 41

Engine 41 is a 2006 Pierce Enforcer rescue pumper and a twin sister to Engine 42. It includes similar fire suppression features but was outfitted with additional rescue equipment making it purpose-built to additionally serve at vehicle accidents, advanced rescue emergencies, and extrications.

Engine 41 features a 1,500 GPM CSU Waterous pump, 750 gal UPF poly III water tank, 25 gal foam cell, 24 ft Night Scan remote controlled light tower, electric TFT Hurricane deck gun, and over 2,000 ft of hose. The engine seats six fire fighters with integrated SCBA air packs in the seats. Interior features include handheld Motorola radios, four-gas meters, thermal imaging camera, and headsets at each riding position for seamless communication with dispatch. The apparatus carries a full complement of advanced rescue tools including Hurst "Jaws of Life", Paratech lifting and stabilization tools, extinguishers, and hose.

Truck Details

  • 1,500 GPM CSU Waterous pump
  • 750 gals Poly III water tank
  • 25 gals foam cell
  • 24' Night Scan light tower
  • 750' of 1-3/4" attack lines
  • 500' of 2-1/2" attack lines
  • 1,500' of 5" Supply Line
  • 150' of trash line
  • SCBA + spare bottles
  • Jaws of Life + Chainsaws
  • Lifting/stabilization tools
  • TFT Hurricane remote-control deck gun

Officer In-Charge

Oversees the apparatus, all equipment, and each fire fighter in the company.


Joey Romaniello

Lieutenant Meet Our Officers


Each apparatus is custom-built to our demanding specifications, outfitted with the latest technology and tools, and tailored to the wide range of alarms we handle.