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Our members are residents of Darien or from an immediately neighboring town of Stamford, New Canaan, or Norwalk. They each have embraced a dedication to volunteer service; to helping the residents of Darien. Our members carry out our lifesaving mission protecting life and property, and do so with passion, dedication, and an appreciation for the rich history of the DFD and the fire service. We welcome new members of all ages and walks of life. Contact us today with questions, or download the electronic application here, then email us to arrange a time to meet at our (and soon your) fire station.

Application Process

Step 1

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Download the electronic application here. Then, contact us to arrange a time to drop it off at the fire station and introduce yourself.

Step 2

Membership Interview

The DFD membership body will vote to proceed with your application. With their consent, you will be contacted to interview in-person with our membership committee. You will have ample time to ask questions, and interview us about life at DFD.

Step 3


Following your interview, the membership body is advised of your application again and results of your interview, and conducts a vote. Upon acceptance, you are immediately invited to the fire house. Welcome to your new home! You'll get to meet our full membership and immediately be provided gear, a radio, an electronic key-card for 24/7 access to the station, and other critical equipment required. You will immediately be eligible to ride the trucks, respond to alarms, and will be under the direct supervision of a Lieutenant overseeing your Probationary class. Welcome to DFD!

Our Commitment

We will...

We will train you at a minimum to the level of Firefighter 1 with Hazmat/WMD, a nationally-recognized certification by IFSAC and Pro Board. Meaning you will gain the classroom and hands-on training, requisite experience, and accompanying certifications to be a fully certified firefighter. You will respond to the full array of alarms we receive. We will continually push you, educate you, train you, test you physically and mentally; we will ask for your very best, on every alarm.

Your Commitment

You will...

Exhibit the passion and dedication of an eager student. Listen and follow instructions of your superior officers. Learn from others. Ask questions. Be a ready hand, offering to help where needed. Treat your fellow firefighters, probationary members, and the public with care and respect. You will give 100% effort, and we in exchange will do the same. You are joining a family, we are eager to have you. Give us your best; we'll give you ours. You're part of a brotherhood.

Your Future

About DFD Fire Fighters

All fire fighters are fully trained, nationally certified, and start responding to alarms immediately. Probationary period is 12 months.

As a new Probationary member, you will be assigned to an apparatus riding alongside trained members. A Lieutenant oversees the probationary class. You will attend 25% of alarms and 75% of drills, department meetings, and clean ups.


All members will share knowledge, you'll gain experience, and everyone takes an active part in your career development.

  • Truck Checks
  • Assigned to Company
  • Regular drills
  • Respond on any alarm
  • Give back to your town
  • Support your community

Probationary members enjoy many benefits of full membership from Day 1. You'll have a digital key to the firehouse with 24/7 access. Members come and go as they please. You're encouraged to stop by, share a meal, train on the apparatus and tools, and even "work-from-home" from the station. You'll respond to any alarm you like, and will ride the trucks alongside fully-trained members. From a gym and kitchen, to a day room, TV room, work space, and games - there's plenty to keep you busy at the station. It's easy to have a family, a full-time job, and be a fire fighter; the vast majority do the same!

DFD's Advanced Tools

Some of our advanced firefighting, rescue, and hazmat tools. Members undergo thorough training under the watchful eye of experienced instructors. Learning how to maximize each tool's effectiveness.

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